Shakti Baker’s film “Cracking the Codes” will open door to discuss racial inequality


Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity, a film by Shakti Butler

June 13, 2015 at 7:00pm at the Lee Congregational Church, 25 Park Place, Lee, MA 01238

June 14, 2015 at 11:00am at the Triplex Cinema, 70 Railroad St, Great Barrington, MA 01230

Cracking the Codes: The System of Racial Inequity is a feature documentary film focusing on how the system of inequity is embedded into our society through various factors such as history, culture and identity. Stories of racial inequality are told through faces of racial justice leaders including Amer Ahmed, Michael Benitez, Barbie-Danielle DeCarlo, Joy DeGruy, Erika Huggins, Humaira Jackson, Yuko Kodama, Peggy McIntosh, Rinku Sen, Tilman Smith and Time Wise. The film “asks America to talk about the causes and consequences of systemic inequity,” according to . Speakers from areas such as Puerto Rico, Asia, Hawaii and many others share their experiences throughout the film, and explain how history has shaped their lives and beliefs about racism and social inequity as a whole.

The film contains three sections that correspond to World Trusts’s framing of the self-perpetuating system of racial inequity:

Section 1: Social Determinants: History, Identity & Culture

Section 2: Internal Components: Bias, Privilege, Internalized Racism

Section 3: External Relationships: Interpersonal, Institutional, Structural

Multicultural BRIDGE is holding a series of events in response to the events in Ferguson and Baltimore and across the US, as well as the ongoing racial justice disparity that this Black Lives Matter Movement and Revolution is highlighting. This is an opportunity for Berkshire community members to join in on facilitated dialogue and discussion of the system of racial inequity, as well as its causes and consequences prompted by the film. What will be our Berkshire collective action to respond?

All showings are free and open to the public.

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