Several Mass Cultural Council and local deadlines approaching for individual artists

Performance art, visual arts, commmunity arts...sometimes you just have to say "Why the hell not!" and apply.

Performance art, visual arts, commmunity arts…sometimes you just have to say “Why the hell not!” and apply.

Over the years we have highlighted the many wonderful programs and grant opportunities from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. With several deadlines for individual artists to seek fundiing for local projects looming, you might want to check over these three programs to see if one might be a fit for you. (LM)

Artist Fellowships

Apply now for 2015 Massachusetts Cultural Council Artist Fellowships in CraftsDramatic Writing, and Sculpture/Installation/New Genres. Deadline is  Monday, October 6, 2014.

Nancy Selvage (Crafts Fellow '13), Mend Thy Wares, Mend Thy Ways, detail (2009). The artist's work is at Boston Sculptors Gallery thru 10/5

Nancy Selvage (Crafts Fellow ’13), Mend Thy Wares, Mend Thy Ways, detail (2009). The artist’s work is at Boston Sculptors Gallery thru 10/5

The Artist Fellowships are competitive, anonymously judged grants of $10,000 and finalist awards of $1000, providing direct support to individual Massachusetts artists in recognition of artistic excellence.  Read tips on applying. Later this year ( December 15, 2014 ), MCC will begin accepting 2015 Artist Fellowship applications in Film & Video, Music Composition, and Photography, with a  Monday, January 26, 2015 deadline.  Find guidelines and application instructions.

Local Cultural Council Grants

Massachusetts has 351 cities and towns that support community cultural activity through  Local Cultural Councils (LCCs). LCCs award grants (typically ranging $200-$800) for projects that benefit a specific Massachusetts community.

Here, for example, is how the Pittsfield Cultural Council distributed almost $20,000 in grants recently.

The application process may vary by community, so be sure to  read a council’s local guidelines and prioritiesbefore applying. Many communities also offer grantwriting sessions to help those applying for the first time. Most LCCs accept applications from individual artists. Deadline is  Wednesday, October 15, 2014.

STARS Residencies

Grants in the STARS Residencies (Students and Teachers working with ARtists, Scientists, and Scholars) go to MA schools to fund residencies with artists, scientists, and scholars. The program provides $500-$5,000 to support creative learning residencies of three days or more. The online application will open at  3:30 PM on Wednesday, October 8, 2014  and close when the demand for funds exceeds the funding available. Schools are the legal applicants, but cultural partners (such as artists) can help them submit the application. Find guidelines and application instructions.

Further research

Find other ideas on funding as an individual artist on the ArtSake blog.

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