Farm and Food Film Festival – Fresh Fest at Images March 9-10

Edible City Teaser from Edible City on Vimeo.

Williamstown, MA: Reflecting the high level of interest interest in fresh and locally sourced foods in the Berkshires, Williams College and Images are planning a cinematic Fresh Fest. The food and farm-themed film festival will take place on Saturday, March 9 and Sunday, March 10 with four outstanding feature films: Growing Hope Against Hunger, Edible City, More than Honey, and A Home Movie. Each film will have a local guest speaker in attendance.

Fresh Fest is sponsored by The Sustainable Food and Agriculture Program at Williams College, Storey Publishing, and the Center for Environmental Studies at Williams College. Food donations are from Wild Oats Market, Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association, Cricket Creek Farm, and Pain Philippe.

Fresh Fest Schedule

Growing Hope Against Hunger – Family film slot
Saturday, March 9 at 10:30am
With Ali Benjamin, researcher, casting director and story consultant for the documentary portion of Growing Hope Against Hunger.

Growing Hope Against Hunger speaks to both children and adults with a story that celebrates community as everyone works to help one another — including Brad Paisley, Kimberly Williams Paisley and their Sesame Street friends. Our Sesame friends are collecting foods at a food drive and meet Lily, a new character whose family has an ongoing struggle with hunger. The Sesame characters learn how their simple actions can make a world of difference. Finally, documentary stories present children’s perspectives on food insecurity and illuminate the impact hunger has on families.

Edible City
Saturday, March 9 at 1pm

Wild Oats soup will be available, first come, first serve.

Edible City documents a broad spectrum of activists, organizations, and inspired citizens, and shows how everyone can get involved in transforming our food system. The film introduces a divers cast of extraordinary and eccentric characters who challenge the paradigm of our broken food system. The movie digs deep into their unique perspectives and transformative work – from edible education to grassroots activism to building local economies – finding hopeful solutions to monumental problems.


More Than Honey – US East Coast Premier
Saturday, March 9 at 4:30pm
With Tony Pisano and Alethea Morrison, of the Northern Berkshire Beekeepers Association will provide a local honey tasting

Worldwide, millions of honeybee colonies are dying each year. A complete understanding about its causes is yet to be determined, but one thing is certain: we are not just dealing with a few dead insects, and there’s more at stake than just a bit of honey. “If the bee goes extinct, man will surely follow within four years” is how Albert Einstein might have worded the problem.

Searching for answers More than Honey takes us around the world to meet people living with and off honeybees. On our trip we meet almond growers in California, a Swiss mountain beekeeper, a neuroscientist investigating bee brains in Berlin, a pollen dealer in China, and a bee researcher in Australia. We even get to see “killer bees” invading the New World. We gain spectacular visual insights into the beehive –a fascinating world of fighting queens and dancing workers, of highly sophisticated swarm intelligence, where the individual constantly serves the requirements of the community. The relationship between humans and honeybees tells us a lot about ourselves, about nature and about our future.

A Home Movie
Sunday, March 10 at 4pm
with filmmaker Bette Craig

Followed by reception with Cricket Creek artisanal cheese

A Home Movie is a documentary by local filmmaker Bette Craig about Williamstown farm history, as told by the Rhodes family of South Williamstown, MA. Craig and husband Charles Portz have owned the Rhodes farm house since 1979. Many of the Rhodes family still lives on part of what had been a 300-acre dairy farm. Craig interviewed many family members, including Lillian Rhodes, who married Robert Rhodes in 1921 and lived in the farm house from then until 1972. Robert’s parents bought the farm in 1875.

About the SFA Program

The Sustainable Food & Agriculture Program educates the College community about campus foodways. The Program encourages ecologically safe and economically sound food production and consumption at the College. This model emphasizes the connections between cooperation with nearby farmers, healthy nutrition, cultural diversity, commensality, and food security. The Program inspires the College community to situate its food practices in a global context, reinforcing the notion that long-term prosperity requires conscious eating.

About Images Cinema

The only one of its kind in Berkshire County, Images Cinema is a year-round non-profit, member-supported community film house that presents a wide range of films that impact filmmaking and our culture. Images continuously seeks to entertain, educate and engage the community with quality programming, while maintaining its dedication to independent film and media. Images Cinema serves organic popcorn, real butter, locally-made baked goods, and naturally sweetened sodas, as well as traditional concessions fare. Images Cinema is supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, a state agency. Check for up-to-date happenings at

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