Ryan Landry’s Spoof “Mildred Fierce” with Varla Jean Merman is a hit


Ryan Landry and The Gold Dust Orphans present”Mildred Fierce”
New Show Heralds the Return of Varla Jean Merman
Feb. 7 – March 17 at Boston’s Machine

by Larry Murray

“Crawford won the Oscar in 1946 for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Mildred Pierce, but Varla Jean Merman gives her a run for her money as the namesake in the Gold Dust Orphans’ noir musical Mildred Fierce. Merman makes a welcome return to town and the subterranean stage at Machine to star in Ryan Landry’s latest movie parody and show off her considerable song and dance talents. Equal parts melodrama and comedy, Mildred Fierce closely parallels the black and white film based on the James M. Cain novel, but it is far more colorful given the high camp treatment by the Orphans.” – Nancy Grossman, Broadway World.

The work of Ryan Landry has been seen at American Repertory’s Oberon, and in the summer in Provincetown. In February the master of satire and not-so-subtle double entendres will unveil, uncover and lay before us his latest take on one of the great films, Mildred Pierce, titled Mildred Fierce.

The first reviews are in and as usual the Gold Dust Orphans have polished another gem to a bright shine. Read Nancy Grossman’s review in Broadway World.

This is not an SNL kind of remake, but one with a ribald gay sensibility. Straight folks love it to, especially those who get the over the top slapstick elements of it, and so they too will flock to it just to see what Landry and the Gold Dust Orphans have cooked up this time.

So if you are going, please note two things. First, it takes place in the basement of a Boston gay bar, Machine, which has hosted his work for years, located on the outer reaches of Boylston Street near Fenway Park. Second, and it would seem that this would be obvious, this is for adults only, do NOT bring those of non-drinking age with you.

So what is Mildred Pierce going to be like, we’ll let Landry describe it for you:

A single Mother with children … alone … afraid. And the Men in her life?

Well, there’s a few: A shiftless Ex-Husband, A shady Realtor, A cold hearted Playboy.

Baking her way to the top, Mildred soon has it all and the world is her oyster save for one little thing … She’s got a Daughter who makes Hitler look like Anne Frank!

Watch all the glorious melodrama of “Mildred Pierce” explode on the stage as The Gold Dust Orphans bring you their brand new musical parody”Mildred Fierce”

Get ready for big splashy songs, tap dancing pies, sumptuous costumes and more surprizes than you can shake a rolling pin at!

The kind of woman most men want...but shouldn't!

The kind of woman most men want…but shouldn’t! Performance photo by Michael von Redlich

Sent through The Gold Dust Orphans’ glitter filled parody machine, “Mildred Fierce” features Varla Jean Merman as “Mildred.”

The cast also includes Orphan favorites Ryan Landry, Penny Champayne, Olive Another, Liza Lott and Delta Miles.

The MOUTHWATERING costumes are by Scott Martino
The TERRIFIC sets by Amelia Gossett
The SUPERIOR direction by James P. Byrne
The STUNNING soundscapes by Roger Moore

So join us, won’t you, as we bring you perhaps the most exciting Gold Dust Orphans offering to date …”Mildred Fierce”

This is an ADULT parody!

February 7th thru March 17th ONLY!
Opening Thursday, February 7th at 8pm and playing every
Thursday, Friday and Saturday night at 8pm and every
Sunday afternoon at 5pm until March 17th ONLY!

Please remember, as always, that MACHINE remains a cash bar and the theater is DOWNSTAIRS!

For tickets and information:

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