Mysterious Carol Gold Sculpture Headed to Pittsfield Common

The sculpture is expected to be similar to this one. Carol Gold, Time, bronze, 156 x 84.

The sculpture is expected to be similar to this one. Carol Gold, Time, bronze, 156 x 84.

The Mystery Statue for Pittsfield Common
by Larry Murray

As reported by Joe Durwin in iBerkshires (link), a new permanent sculpture has been approved by the Parks Commission for placement on the Common. It is by artist Carol Gold, and is being donated by the Pittsfield Garden Tour. Anne Pasko, the group’s president made the announcement, and said it was the one selected from 77 submissions. It is titled Infinite Dance, a bronze figure of a dancer perched atop a large stainless steel ring, a ring the artist described as inspired by the rounded ring motifs in the partially redesigned Common.

The Garden Tour declined to make any images of the work available to the public at this time, but online, the photo seen here comes closest to the description given at the meeting. We present it here to give the public an idea of its tasteful design, though the final version, as with all public art, may go through several iterations in the interest of longterm stability, public safety and other concerns. Public art rarely turns out exactly as first proposed.

“It represents community, and it represents the connection of Pittsfield to the arts,” Pasko told the Parks Commission.

About Carol Gold

Born in Hartford, Conn., Gold grew up on a dairy farm in western Massachusetts. While attending Cornell University in Ithaca, N.Y., and Boston University School of Fine Arts. Gold focused on graphic arts, drawing and woodcuts. Kept busy raising a family, it wasn’t until more than 10 years after any formal art training that Gold completed her first sculpture – a figure of her daughter in clay. Encouraged by another artist, she had it cast in bronze and discovered her true medium. The joy Carol Gold experiences from the technical process of bronze casting resulted in a 12-year partnership in a foundry business. Though Gold is no longer a partner in the foundry, she is still highly involved in the entire process–from making her own molds to chasing the metal and applying the patina. For more than 20 years, Gold’s work has been widely exhibited throughout the United States and Canada where she has received numerous awards, including the John Cavanaugh Memorial Award in 1989 form the National Sculpture Society located in New York City.

2 thoughts on “Mysterious Carol Gold Sculpture Headed to Pittsfield Common

  1. not happy that the ladies of the garden club [presumably knowledgeable about gardens but surely not art] are gifting us all with a scupture, whatever it ultimately looks like, that we’ll all have to live with in such a prominent, inescapable place. that the city fathers passed it speaks for their artistic ignorance.

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