Creator Theresa Rebeck Explains What Went Wrong on “Smash”

Theresa Rebeck created Smash, but she won’t be back to run the second season of the show. What went wrong? The same thing that always goes wrong: network meddling, she says. “One of the points of contention last year was that the network thinks they have the right to say to the writer of the show, ‘We don’t want her to do this. We want her to do this,'” Rebeck tells The Observer. “You have to respect who the character is. It has its own internal truth and you can’t betray that. And if you don’t betray that, it will not betray you,” she says. “There is this sort of sense that if you don’t fuck with the muse — if you don’t fuck with the muse, the muse will stand by you.” Apparently the muse did not stand by Rebeck et al, though, given how Smash turned out. More about the tempest here:

Creator Theresa Rebeck Explains What Went Wrong on Smash.

Theresa Rebeck (on right) talking about the first season of Smash.

“I’ve always had a fantasy of writing a Dickens novel, or something like that, and I think Smash is a contemporary version of that. It’s very Victorian storytelling. It’s like a saga. I suspect, with those big, sprawling 19th Century novels, they didn’t fully know where they were going when they started them up. Those are big, long masterpieces. I think that television actually mimics that form, in a lovely way.” – Theresa Rebeck at the beginning of Season One

One of the lessons to be learned here is that the network executives are about as clueless as the Republican party as to what the people want. And they don’t want network executives pushing their pet ideas on every show.LM

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