Liza Minnelli to Play Herself in NBC’s “Smash” Series Which Returns Feb. 5, 2013

Liza is Going to be a Smash
by Larry Murray

After much uncertainty, the TV series about the people who create Broadway musicals, Smash, returns Feb. 5, 2013. The second season will also feature previously announced guest stars Jennifer Hudson, Jesse L. Martin, Sean Hayes, and Bernadette Peters, plus a super surprise guest.

Liza Minnelli makes an appearance on Smash, singing with Christian Borle shown above.

Liza Minnelli will appear as herself during the new year. As part of the appearance, Minnelli will belt out an original song with series regular Christian Borle written by composer-lyricists and executive producers Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman. Her episode, “The Surprise Party,” will air about half way through the new 2013 spring season.

But even Minnelli will be challenged to surpass the incredible Bollywood sequence of the first season, which you can see in the video embedded above. Never before has a television series actually gone so overboard on a musical production number. It’s one of the reasons I keep watching the series, their musical numbers are usually quite good.

So you might ask, is Liza Minnelli embarking on a comeback tour? Sure, plenty of theatre geeks would argue that she never left, but between recent appearances on the ‘Arrested Development‘ reunion and this upcoming guest spot on the second season of the musical drama ‘Smash,’ one might begin to wonder.

Of course, NBC is all excited at the prospect, and so are her fans. The other big news is that Season 2 writing will be different with the departure of show-runner and creator Theresa Rebeck, and with former ‘Gossip Girl‘ EP Josh Safran stepping in. Things may get even more down and dirty.

The show which is considered a fantasy by real actors and producers makes the production of a Broadway show seem like an extension of high school, replete with cliques, gossip and style over substance.

I love it.

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