Children of the Porn


I found the blog quoted above a fascinating read especially for those who care about our nation’s youth. And just maybe America’s economic-entrepreneurial future. Are we wasting these kids time?

The world is changing in ways that most of us are not discussing, like the way we school our children. And how 1950’s we are when it comes to education. This blog entry says it all, and I salute the author, an educator that clearly is observant enough to see that we are wasting a lot of valuable time using the old methods…

Anyone know of educational initiatives that take this into account and use it to make smarter graduates? I’d love to hear from you. LM


Children of the Porn?

Porn. noun – creative activity (writing or pictures or films etc.) of no literary or artistic value other than to stimulate sexual desire

One day I was working on my computer in class when I discovered that one of the websites that I often use for information and research was blocked by our school’s security system. Ever since our school became wired for the internet our school’s security system was often being modified by our computer systems supervisor in an attempt to keep students from accessing certain internet sites that were deemed inappropriate by either members of the Board of education or the supervisor himself. This however was one site that I had found very useful and I was becoming extremely frustrated at my no longer being allowed access.

Within a few minutes, a student who must have been sensing my frustration, came to my aid…

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