Made in the Berkshires – A Lively Festival of the Arts – Coming Oct. 14-23

– From the Berkshire Theatre Group: Made in the Berkshires celebrates the creativity that is replete in the beautiful Berkshires. Showcasing the best of new plays, new literature and new music, Made in the Berkshires is a new event that celebrates the Berkshire’s best and brightest. Sponsors of this event are Morris House Antiques & Interiors, LLC, Wandering Star Handcraft Brewery, Kate Baldwin Food and Berkshire Mountain Distillers.

October 14–October 16 and October 21–October 23.

Tickets for the event are $15 for individual sessions, $50 for the Opening Night performance and party on October 14, $100 for an All Access Pass and $150 for a VIP All Access Pass. Tickets may be purchased at the Colonial Ticket Office. Contact the Colonial Ticket Office at 111 South Street by calling (413) 997-4444 or online The Ticket Offices are open Monday-Friday 10am-5pm, Saturdays 10am-2pm or on any performance day from 10am until curtain. All plays, schedules, casting and prices are subject to change.

Made in the Berkshires, a brand new original works festival, will take place this October at both the Colonial as well as the Unicorn Theatre at BTF. It will feature cutting-edge theatrical works, live music, film, short stories and dance in a festival atmosphere like no other. New and innovative pieces will be created and presented by local Berkshire County playwrights, actors, directors and performers.

Organizers Hilary Somers Deely(l), and Barbara Sims(r) with Kate Maguire CEO of theBerkshire Theatre Group.

Broken up into two hour blocks, Made in the Berkshires will allow audiences to enjoy the breadth and depth of the artistic talent that has landed in Berkshire County while celebrating the best in the visual and performing arts. The festival will be curated by Hilary Somers Deely and Barbara Sims, two local artists who have helped create the rich cultural tapestry that permeates the Berkshires.

The opening night of October 14 will bring a large celebration of Berkshire Talent to the Colonial Theatre in Pittsfield. In the lobby patrons will encounter the stunning visual art of Bart Arnold, Susan Dibble, Kinney Frelinghuysen, Pat Hogan, Cynthia Wick, Michael Boroniec, Nick Mongiardo, Chris Hogan and an inspiring independent film by Autumn Doyle. Beginning at 7:30pm with an introduction by Artistic Director/CEO Kate Maguire, the night will feature Concerto for Highland Bagpipe and Virtual Orchestra composed by Peter Taussig and performed by Nancy Tunnicliffe, a short film entitled Jay at Hatchery Hill by Sanjiban Sellew, the short film A Brief Visual Berkshire Rave by Joe Wheaton and Anne G. Fredericks, a dance entitled RAIN choreographed by Anni Crofut, followed by readings fromIndium Blues and Notes from the Seventh Decade by poet Elizabeth Elliot, a short scene entitled Again With the Rhapsody Oscar by Daniel Klein, music by Robert and Katherine Oakes, the short plays A Headlong Act of Love by Richard Berlin and Feathertop by Nicki Wilson and Andrew Joffe, music from the original play Viva La Diva by Bobby Houston and Randy Courts and finally a performance by aerial performer Abigail Elwood accompanied by beat boxer Simeon Bittman. All of this excitement will be followed by an opening night party at The Colonial featuring hand crafted beers, local spirits and Berkshire tastes.

On October 15 at the Unicorn Theatre in Stockbridge, a variety of new and innovative written works will be shown throughout the day. At 1pm The Last Tree on Easter Island by Sean McHugh will be presented. This new play presents a wonderfully satirical look at the politics of big business versus the environment and is guaranteed to make you laugh and simultaneously reflect. Between 4pm and 5:15pm the short story Coming Home by Mary Mott, the short play Invasive Species by David Scribner, the short story King Toot by David Anderegg, the short play Alice’s Profile by Maria Nation and the short stories, Jacob’s Vessel, The Nut Game by Larry Robbins and Memory in Bones by Sanjiban Sellew will all be read aloud. Finally at 7pm Birthday Boy by Chris Newbound will be presented.Birthday Boy is a World Premiere that BTG is excited to bring back to the Unicorn stage. As Matt nears his fortieth birthday, he finds himself at a crossroads in his life. His wife Arianne wants to take a mud season vacation to Vermont. His job is safe, though far from stimulating. When he begins a flirtation with a comely colleague he finds himself discovering just how absurd everyday life can be. This world premiere work provides a comic look at marriage, life and growing older.

On October 16 at the Colonial Theatre from 1pm to 2:30pm a variety of poetry and dance will grace the stage. This compilation of words and movement will enchant and intrigue audiences. The poetry to be featured will be Moving the Brook and Rabbits by Dennis Pollock, My Mother was Superstitious, Love Poem 137, How to Resuscitate a Birdand Ghazal by Michelle Gillett and Sad Cave Resplendent, I just Want to Say Hi and We Will Find a Way by Poncho Pelligrosso. The featured dances are Lift Ev’ry Voice, Wired, Django by Olga Dunn, The Queen Yearschoreographed by Anni Crofut and Melting Pot, an excerpt from One Potato, Two Potato choreographed by Dawn Lane. Later between 4pm and 5:30pm Made in the Berkshires will feature the best of young talent with music by Chris Considine the film Bonding by Nannina Gilder, the short play The Life Logic of Mr Lampilla by Tadd Gero, the filmLive out Loud by Jennifer Gomez, the film Sound of Snow by Autumn Doyle and a rap performance by Antonio Maclellan. Finally from 7pm to 9pm at the Colonial Paul Green’s The Jewish Jazz ProjectDivinitress with Erin Laundry and Tristrya Hamilton, Billy G and the Bluenotes and Dave Bacon will take the stage and finish the day off in musical style.

On October 21 at the Unicorn Theatre from 1pm to 3pm the play The Cuckoo’s Egg by Emily Fulop will be performed. The female cuckoo places her eggs in the nests of other, unknowing birds, leaving her young to be raised by the “foster parents” – but will it work for humans as well? In the evening between 7pm and 9pm come see these new cutting edge works, The Life Logic of Mr. Lampilla by Tadd Gero, habitat (de) fragmentation by Stefanie Weber and the Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Performance Project, The Memory of Bones by Sanjiban Sellew,Dark Meat on a Funny Mind by Wesley Brown and Lucia by Frances Benn Hall. You won’t want to miss the best of innovative art in the Berkshires.

On October 22 at the Colonial Theatre at 2pm the premiere of the full length play Make Sure It’s Me by Kate Wenner will be performed. In this compelling new play, award winning producer Kate Wenner explores what happens to those soldiers who are not killed outright or outwardly injured in the Iraq war, but who are exposed to intense IED blasts over and over again. This powerful event will be followed by a panel discussion moderated by Jim Frangione.  At 8pm at the Unicorn Theatre the full length play Viva La Diva by Bobby Houston and Randy Courts will be shown. This exuberant, rollicking musical from Oscar winner Bobby Houston follows the lives of Lolita and her family of drag queens and cabaret stars as they live and love “underground” in Castro’s Cuba! These two plays by Berkshires locals are shining examples of the talents of Western MA and should not be missed.

Finally, on October 23 in the Unicorn Theatre Viva La Diva will take the stage again at 2pm, followed by a closing night party with Joe Wheaton and Anne G. Fredericks’ images and music entitled, A Brief Visual Berkshire Rave.

The organizers describe the event as “an exciting, jam-packed festival of the Berkshires’ best creative talent, Made in the Berkshires is a unique event that celebrates the artists that we know and love. This festival proves that you don’t have to go to a museum to see great art or travel to New York City to see great theatre, often times it is your own neighbors who have the greatest hidden talents.”


Made in the Berkshires Schedule:

The Gallery located in the lounge area off the Colonial Lobby featuring the artists:

Bart Arnold

Susan Dibble

Autumn Doyle- video running as a loop on lobby monitor/ and framed images on wall below.

Kinney Frelinghuysen

Pat Hogan

Cynthia Wick
Michael Boroniec

Nick Mongiardo
Chris Hogan

October 14th The Colonial Theatre: A Taste of Made in the Berkshires

7:30 p.m.

Welcome and Introductions

Concerto for Highland Bagpipe and Virtual Orchestra- composed by Peter Taussig, performed by Nancy Tunnicliffe

Jay at Hatchery Hill by Sanjiban Sellew

A Brief Visual Berkshire Rave by Joe Wheaton and Anne G. Fredericks

Rain choreographed by Anni Crofut

Indium Blues and Notes from the Seventh Decade, by Elizabeth Elliott and read by the poet

Again With the Rhapsody Oscar by Daniel Klein

Robert Oakes and Katherine Smith

A Headlong Act of Love by Richard Berlin

Feathertop by Nicki Wilson and Andrew Joffe

Viva La Diva medley, book  by Bobby Houston and music by Randy Courts

Aerial Artist: Abigail Elwood and Beat Boxer: Simeon Bittman

9:00 p.m.  Party in the Colonial Lobby

A Taste of the Berkshires- Local wines and goodies
Spatial Atmospheres – Joe Wheaton and Anne G. Fredericks

October 15th The Unicorn Theatre

1-3p.m. New Play Premiere

The Last Tree on Easter Island
by Sean McHugh

4–5:15p.m.The Shorts: Berkshire Writers and Their Stories

Coming Home by Mary Mott, read by Mary Mott

Invasive Species by David Scribner

King Toot by David Anderegg

Alice’s Profile by Maria Nation

Jacob’s Vessel by Larry Robbins (read by Jeffery Borak)

The Nut Game by Larry Robbins

Memory in Bones by Sanjiban Sellew

7p.m. Birthday Boy

October 16th Colonial Theatre
Poetry and Motion
: Berkshire Poets and Choreographers present their latest work in a wonderful blend of words and dance

1-2:30 p.m.

Moving the Brook by Dennis Pollock

Rabbits by Dennis Pollock

Lift Ev’ry Voice, Wired, Django choreographed by Olga Dunn

My Mother Was Superstitious by Michelle Gillett

Love Poem 137 by Michelle Gillett

How to Resuscitate a Bird by Michelle Gillett

Ghazal by Michelle Gillett

The Queen Years choreographed by Anni Crofut

Sad Cave Resplendent by Poncho Pelligrosso

I Just Want to Say Hi by Poncho Pelligrosso

We will Find a Way by Poncho Pelligrosso

Melting Pot, excerpt from One Potato, Two Potato choreographed by Dawn Lane

4-5:30 Young and  Talented: Emerging young writers, film makers and composers
Chris Considine guitar and vocals

Bonding by Nannina Gilder

The Life Logic of Mr Lampilla by Tadd Gero

Live Out Loud by Jennifer Gomez

Sound of Snow by Autumn Doyle

Rap by Antonio Maclellan

7-9 p.m. Musical Notes
The Jewish Jazz Project led by Paul Green
Divinitress with Erin Laundry and Tistrya Hamilton
Billy G and the Bluezone led by Billy Gilbert

Dave Bacon led by Dave Bacon

October 21 The Unicorn Theatre

1-3p.m. New Play Premiere: The Cuckoo’s Egg by Emily Fulop

7-9 The Edge: Two cutting edge performance piece and three short works that push the boundaries!
The Life Logic of Mr. Lampilla by Tadd Gero
habitat (de) fragmentation by Stefanie Weber and the Creatures of Habitat Physical Poetry Performance Project
The Memory of Bones by Sanjiban Sellew
Dark Meat on a Funny Mind by Wesley Brown
Lucia by Frances Benn Hall

October 22 The Colonial Theatre

2p.m.-4p.m. Make Sure Its Me by Kate Wenner, NEW PLAY PREMIERE

Followed by a panel discussion, moderated by Jim Frangione.

October 22 The Unicorn Theatre

8-10p.m.  New Musical Play premiere

Viva La Diva by Bobby Houston and Randy Courts

October 23 The Unicorn Theatre

2-4p.m. Viva La Diva (One More Time!)
4 p.m. Closing Party with Joe Wheaton and Anne G. Fredericks’ images and music, A Brief Visual Berkshire Rave


About Berkshire Theatre Group

The Colonial Theatre, founded in 1903, and Berkshire Theatre Festival, founded in 1928, are two of the oldest cultural organizations in the Berkshires. Having united in November of 2010 under the helm of Artistic Director and CEO Kate Maguire, these two institutions are providing the Berkshires and beyond with the finest in live theatre, music, dance and the visual arts on three stages in Stockbridge, MA and Pittsfield, MA. The Fitzpatrick Main Stage (408 seats), cataloged by the National Register of Historic Places, was originally designed and built by Stanford White as the Stockbridge Casino in 1888. The intimate Unicorn Theatre (122 seats) is a home for emerging artists and new theatrical ideas. The Colonial in Pittsfield (800 seats) re-opened in August of 2006, following a $21 million restoration, and boasts pristine acoustics, classic gilded age architecture and state-of-the-art technical systems. Together they serve over 100,000 patrons per year and reach over 10,000 students through their educational and outreach programs. For more information on BTF call (413) 298-5536 and on The Colonial call (413) 448-8084. To purchase tickets, call (413) 298-5576 or (413) 997-4444 or go online to

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