Williamstown Theatre Festival wraps up its 2011 season with 3 Main Stage, 4 Nikos Shows and 40,000 attending

From our News Desk: With a month to go before the first day of Fall, the Williamstown Theatre Festival (WTF) brings down the curtain on its final week of the 2011 season, celebrating what they term “a summer of incredible artists and audiences.”

In talking about the 2011 season, WTF noted that it presented three productions on the Main Stage including Jon Robin Baitz’s Three Hotels (Link to Review), the Nicholas Martin directed She Stoops to Conquer (Link to Review), and the American premiere of John Doyle’s Ten Cents a Dance (Link to Review). On the Nikos Stage, WTF presented the David Cromer directed A Streetcar Named Desire (Link to Review), Lewis Black’s One Slight Hitch (Link to Review), the Sam Gold directed A Doll’s House (Link to Review), the East Coast premiere of Bess Wohl’s Touch(ed) (Link to Review), and The Civilians’ You Better Sit Down: tales from my parents’ divorce (Link to Review).

In addition to these productions, there were another 188 public performances including Free Theatre (Story), Fridays @ 3 (Story), SITSTANDWALKLIEDOWN (Story), and dozens of productions created by WTF’s workshop program of directing and design interns, apprentices, and non-Equity actors entertained the Williamstown audience.

Ed.Note: For our part, we did advance stories on many of the shows, often serving up quotes from Jenny Gersten, the new artistic director. (Civilians) (Ten Cents) (Touched) (Dolls House) (Slight Hitch) (Lewis Black) (Streetcar) (Casting1) (Casting2) While we have done fifty interviews in the sixteen months since we began this site, only two have been with the creative staff of the Williamstown Theatre Festival. With the exception of a pre-season interview with Gersten which you can read here (link), all our requests were turned down or ignored. Last season we faced a similar brick wall, when our only interview was with previous artistic director Nicholas Martin (link) as he was packing up to leave the company.

This year as the company winds down, they have left the community this hilarious lip dub video.

The WTF end of season publicity blurb went on to say that the 2011 August sales are double that of August 2010, and on August 16 the box office reported a record day of sales for this year, beating the typical watermark of Box Office opening day in June. WTF credits the success of Ten Cents a Dance in contributing to the local economy, since “WTF has heard anecdotally that hotel occupancy and restaurant business is up this month. WTF is proud to have supported the Berkshires community by bringing nearly 40,000 audience members (this year) from 44 states, Canada, and the United Kingdom while they attended the work of 412 members of the WTF Company including staff, apprentices, and artists!”

Ten Cents a Dance, closes the 2011 season with its last performance on the Main Stage on August 28.

“WTF is grateful to the Williamstown community and Williams College for its generosity towards and support of another wonderful summer of theatre in the Berkshires!” the announcement concluded.

Ed. Note: Our wrap up of the 2011 season will appear in September, after the final play of the season, Birthday Boy at the Berkshire Theatre Group opens August 31.

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